Samantha Leigh Bakker Essay

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Samantha Leigh Bakker Samantha Leigh Bakker is a 15 year old girl, who was born on May 27th, 1996 in Muster Indiana at Community Hospital. Sam as they call her by her nickname grew up mostly in Gray and Griffith Indiana. She is currently living in Griffith Indiana with her mom and her little brothers. Sam is the daughter of Nancy Bakker, a preschool teacher and the older sister of two little brothers named Eric Bakker a seven year old and Ryan Bakker a eleven year old. Sam went to Beirgier Elemtery in Griffith growing up, she now attends Griffith High School in Indiana, she says.” I enjoy school and the responsible that come with it as growing up. Sam’s favorite subject is English in school because it’s the easiest of them all. She is an average student there, getting good grades such as A’s B’s and C’s. Sam said.” When I finish High School I would like to be a Physical Therapist because it’s something inserting to do and not a lot of people have this career in life. Sam at this point doesn’t have a job just this yet but she is planning on wanting one soon. Sam is a busy girl between school and Dance everyday day after school. She has been doing Dance since she was three years old, Sam said.” I enjoy the sport because it relives stress and it’s something that I am good at and I can express my personality into. Sam is that one girl you met were wherever se goes she always has her phone with her, its one of her biggest addictions. Sam enjoys listening to music such as rap, hip-hop, and R&B, she doesn’t like rock or country she says they make her sleepy at times. Sam also loves watching movies on her own time when she Is bored or nothing else to do, she aboulty loves Disney movies because hey are cute and she just loves little kid movies, her favorite is Tangled. Albenese is her favorite all time store because she loves candy, she says she has such a

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