Sam Why the American Dream Is Destroying America

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Why the American Dream is Destroying America The concept of the American dream did not enter the American lexicon until the 1930s. It entered because a socialist invented it as a way of advertising the concept that all people have a right to a certain standard of living. This concept is erroneous and unsustainable. This in conjuncture with a variant of other factors resulted in the degrading of American society, as all men are created equal but are only equal under the rights of man. Men cannot be equal in terms of financial success. According to the rights of man, as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence, you do not have the right to happiness but the right to the pursuit of happiness. Thus not all will achieve his or her definition of happiness. As we cannot all achieve the same level of happiness there needs to be a defined social hierarchy for the capitalist system to survive. This is hierarchy is created by the desire of talented and driven individuals to achieve their goals and in doing so to generate the money which allows our society to thrive and grow. Not all individuals have the drive or intelligence to become financially successful. Some people will remain poor and thus will not achieve the “American Dream”. To elaborate on why the American dream is destroying America I will state what is wrong with its socialist foundation. Socialism is the redistribution of wealth to those the government feels needs it. The problem with this system is that of course if a society is not based on a work or starve system then that society cannot continue to feed the increasingly apathetic citizens it creates. This is because such a society’s work force would decreases with each successive generation. Soon no one would have anything much less an American Dream. The only way by which we can have a functional society is if every citizen is
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