Sam Sex Adoption Essay

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due: November 1, 2011 Mr. Theophille English 12 honors Thesis statement: “In 1990, 6 to 14 million children had at least one gay or lesbian parent. Currently Between 8 and 10 million children were being raised in gay and lesbian households.” (Gay Adoption) In the adoption process little to 20 % are approved to care for the 117,000 that are put up for adoption in foster care, among the 20 % are those parents who are considered of the alternative lifestyle (Gay) are looked upon as the last resort. I believe that gay couples should be given the same legal rights as heterosexuals when adopting children, because all though they are people from the same sex has nothing to do with the love they can provide for a child. From a child’s perspective they do not discriminate against love because in their eyes all that matters is that they’re loved. We live in a vast and complex world that is constantly changing and in order to keep up with the changes that happen in society, we need to approach everything with an open mind. Even though they are many people against the idea of same sex adoption does not mean we should completely shut it out. The traditional idea of having a mother and father is not the only acceptable alternative. There are many children in foster care systems that are in need of a loving and nurturing family. (Merin, Yuval. Equality for same –sex couples) Since society labels gays as being different they believe that these couples are more capable of dealing with difficult situations, for this reason they assign them children who might need special care. (Merin, Yuval. Equality for same –sex couples) One of the reasons why certain states have been legalizing rights to gay couples is because they’re realizing the stability in same sex relationships, which is the same reason I feel they could provide a child with the same stable upbringing.

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