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Alex. Ruiz 10-23-11 11-A Sam Giancana Through the 1900’s one of the most dangerous criminals, mob boss, was known as Salvatore Giancana. His accomplishments as a criminal/mob actions led him through a life of danger, imprisonment, and to death. Throughout the streets of Chicago he was known to be one of the most respected mob bosses, which made him effectively an enemy and a threat to the police and all the way to the CIA. His reputation was too high and too much for the mob to handle, but he continued to deal and to work with some very powerful men in America. Salvatore Giancana was born on May 24 1908 in Chicago Illinois. Sam was born out of immigrant parents who had recently moved to the U.S. Sam were raised into a Roman Catholic religion. As a boy Sam helped run the store (Italian ice shop) along with his father Antonio. Some people are very skeptic on how or why little Sam grew up to be a criminal. Many researchers agree that indeed Sam grew up in a real though neighborhood. The neighborhood he grew up in was located in the west side of Chicago. As a teenager Sam had his whole criminal carrier in front of him. It all started when he was running a street gang known as, the forty-two’s. Records and gang members state, that not only was Sam “a vicious killer” but was one of the most for gang members. Records demonstrate that Sam had once killed and torture someone for not meeting the expectations of a forty two, gang member .It was not only that deed that made him recognizable to the streets, but to the fact that he started corresponding to political boss Joseph Esposito. Sam was known to be a “hell of a driver” and a vicious killer. Some of his rumors about him and some of his criminal deeds led him to become a mob boss. Wen Joseph Esposito died Sam was allegedly involved in him murder, but never tried. Right after Sam was hired to be a “wheel man”

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