Sam Adams an American Hero

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Sam Adams an American Hero Samuel Adams was the leader of a movement that became the American Revolution. He was a controversial radical for American Independence. His outspoken demeanour and his forward thinking made him become an important figure in American history. Sam Adams can be described as the original American patriot. He was key in moving public opinion for a free America. Sam Adams was an organizer. His ability to get people mobilized was key in Americas Independence from Britain . Adams was the founder and organizer of the Sons of Liberty ("Samuel Adams biography," 1996) . The organization with Samuel Adams at the head, took the lead in protecting rights of the colonies. His organizational skills made the Sons of Liberty a success. Adam's planning of the impending riots would forever change the face of the 13 colonies. Samuel Adams was a natural born activist. As a gifted public speaker, he used his speeches to sell people his controversial political agenda. He fought hard to make his message heard. Sam was a man for the people, and he used this to his advantage. He always made his intentions clear to his followers. At the Continental congress he forcefully voiced his political opinions in a room full of moderates (Thomas Kindig, 1995). Adams never lost sight of his cause, always advocating for America to be free of its British shackles. Samuel Adams activism helped America become a sovereign nation. Samuel Adams was brilliant in his efforts to create propaganda. He was an instigator and agitator, always adding fuel to the fire. Adams was able to plot and scheme dramatic plans, in order for him to win his cause. He was the ringleader behind the mob violence that went on with Sons of Liberty in Boston. Sam looked for shock value as a means to initiate reaction to the rebellion. The Boston Tea Party and The Boston Massacre were

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