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Raising funds to support The Salvation Army can be difficult and time very time consuming. Different large organizations make it easy for the Salvation Army to raise funds on an ongoing basis. They post links and banners to different websites, bulletins, newsletters, and brochures. In 2005 The Salvation Army of Greater Carolinas received $1.2M from the United Way of Central Carolinas (UWSC), which is another non profit organization. In 2005-2006 it was reduced to $779,000. The Salvation Army has been funded by the United Way of Central Carolinas since the early 1900’s. ( The Salvation Army which is a religious charity also receives millions of dollars from the government and it helps to support the…show more content…
The funds are used to for the employees and clients of the organization. They make sure that the funds are used properly. They are also audited and all funds are counted and the records are also audited to make certain that they are issuing funds to people that qualify. They make sure that people are not taking advantage of their funds and programs. I would do my largest donation during the Christmas Holidays for the children. I would definitely support the Angel Tree program. They contribute toys and clothes for children that are in need in the community. ( If there were a shortage in companies participating in the Angle Tree, I would make sure that the children receive the things that are on their “Wants” list. I would also want my funds to go towards delivery of the items to the families who do not have transportation. If I donated a large sum of money to a organization, I would have so many questions for them. I would want to make sure that they are using the money that I donate properly. I would completely research the organization, and then make sure that they have always used their funds properly. I would want references and also to speak with clients to see if they are treated fairly. I would ask them how they determine how the funds are issued to individuals that are in need. I would also make sure that the children are first priority, because they can not do for themselves. I will make sure that I know how the money is used. I would make sure that I know the purpose of me donating. There are so many different ways that donations are distributed throughout this non profit organization. The Salvation Army is now serving more people in the USA than they ever have before. People and organizations are seeing a large increase in the number of people that are seeking the basic necessities of life like, shelter, and food. Over 35 million

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