Salvation Essay

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In “Salvation” by Langston Hughes. He describes what he thinks about God. As a child he goes to his auntie church during revival time, as the children cure given a chance to receive him. Langston perceives it as God meeting him there. He struggles with in himself as to whether or not to lie or be honest about the coming of god so as a result he decides to lie and his preceptor of God diminishes. This story is manifested as a narrative due to the fact that the story is recounting an event from Langston Hughes childhood. In my opinion before children are required to except God. They should go through counseling sessions to fully explain who God really is, and the meaning come to God. As for as the story goes I believe that he was forced to perform an act that he didn’t fully know the meaning of. “The Price We Pay” is a story talking about the incident at the twin towers. It started out as a normal day with mini gatherings and coffee drinking. Before anyone knows it a plane crashes into tower 1 causing a rumbling and a shaking. As the smoke and fire fill the building the employees races for shelter and then the staircase where they start their journey to safety. Adam Mayblum describes in detail how he felt emotional and how his senses pick up the scent of the smoke and fire making this story told from a descriptive aspect. The story continues on as Adam makes his way down to the 2nd floor of the building where he and many others are directed to safety. By this time the 2nd tower had already collapsed and 15 minutes later the very same tower that Adam was in collapsed as

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