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Salvador Dali Dali's personal life exhibited to his contemporaries and those who enjoyed his works after his lifetime the various influences that led to his artistry. During his childhood, his family life was difficult and operose. His relationship with his parents was not benevolent. This had an extensive influence on Salvador and his artwork. His father opposed Salvador's chosen occupation. By the time the young wonder was twenty years old, his father had already disowned him. Both his mother and his father were embarrassed and disappointed by their- son and his vocation. Not only did Dali have a traumatic childhood, he also found schooling boring and monotonous. He disliked his early grade schooling most of all. He began at a small Christian school, but was expelled and sent to a larger middle class school. Even after disowning his son, Salvador Dali's father decided to pay for his son to attend the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts. Dali was quickly disappointed with the teaching at the academy. He found that his teachers were just discovering novelties like Impressionism, which Dali had been reading about and practicing since 1920. While at the Academy of Fine Arts, Dali was expelled, arrested, and imprisoned for inciting riots because of a new teacher that Dali found to be unworthy of teaching him. During the 1930s, Dali's personality was a creative, offensive, and artistic one. These sides of his personality were most often shown to his Surrealist group. This group would meet regularly to discuss the principles, ideals, and practice of producing fantastic or creative imagery and effects in art and literature by means of unnatural juxtapositions and combinations. Salvador Dali was born on 11 May, 1904, in Figueras, northern Spain. He was named after his brother, the first Salvador Dali, who died as a toddler shortly before Dali himself was born. Dali was

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