Salutatory Address Essay

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On behalf of batch 2012, it is my honor and pleasure to welcome all of us to the Commencement Exercises. The journey has been long and arduous, which only makes this graduation ceremony an even sweeter occasion to celebrate. And so today is a time of celebration –a time to recognize the hard work we have poured in, a time to acknowledge that we are closer than ever before to realizing our dreams. Yes, this is indeed one of our greatest achievements in our relatively young lives, but we must remember that this success is not ours alone. The persons who helped us and stood by us in our academic journey deserve as much recognition, if not more. We owe most of our lives to our families, especially our parents. Their hard work and love provided us with the needed motivation, allowing us to get to where we are now. Like most parents here this morning, my parents sacrificed as much as most parents have. I’m sure that I speak for most of us, my fellow graduates, when I say that we have all given our best, some even better than our best, and it is precisely because of this that we want the efforts of all our parents to be acknowledged. Like most of us, we want to show our parents that their sacrifices have born fruit –for their abiding love and concern is our motivation. And so today, all their hard work and dedication in providing us with a good education so that we could become something of ourselves is actually a testament to their success. Today is also a time of gratitude. In this graduation ceremony, we express our grateful appreciation to persons who have recognized our potentials and have consequently given us opportunities to develop them wisely. To our mentors, we owe our success to your selfless guidance. May we carry on the responsibility of developing others as you have molded and shaped us. Indeed, we are grateful for your contribution to our human

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