Salt Sugar And Kool-Aid Lab Report

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Comparing the Solubility of Salt, Sugar, and Powdered Kool-Aid in Water Which substance is more soluble in water: salt, sugar, or Kool-Aid? If salt, sugar, and Kool-Aid are all added to the same amount of water until the mixture is saturated, then we predict that the Kool-Aid will be the most soluble, because it is designed to dissolve in water and the particles are more fine-grained. Manipulated Variables type of solute added (salt, sugar, Kool-Aid) Responding Variable how many teaspoons of solute it takes for water to become saturated Controlled Variables size of beaker volume of water size of teaspoon (5 ml) room temperature water temperature Materials 5 ml teaspoon stir stick beaker 200 ml of cold tap water granulated

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