Salesforce Video Case Essay

971 WordsNov 1, 20144 Pages SFA on the iPhone and iPod Touch 1. Apple has developed a number of revolutionary products that impacts a big number of consumers. These are “disruptive” in such a way that those changed how consumers look into these devices and began a wave on the mobile computing arena. Apple got known when they developed personal computers (Macintosh). It was the time when personal computers were introduced and such technology became available to individuals and homes. Before, usual computer users are those from businesses and companies as owning a computer is not practical. After a few years Apple has developed more modern Macintoshes and later on introduced the iPhone, iPod, and then the iPod Touch. Apple has revolutionized music by introducing iPod touch. It’s your usual music player plus other functions such as internet browser, messenger, game pad, and many more depending on which applications a user would install. Few years later Apple has developed iPad which is their version of tablet. Features with that of the iPod touch and iPad are the same with

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