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Sales Function Sales Function Every organization must deal with the task of the sales function so that they can receive a return on their investment from manufacturing a product. Some companies sell directly to a user whereas others produce products to be sold to end users or consumers. Each product must be presented to the buyer and the salesperson or company hopes that a sale will be closed. The Merck Corporation produces and sells many products; however, in this paper the focus will be on their sunblock division Coppertone. The company uses both inside and outside sales forces to place their product into the retail accounts for consumer consumption. In the first paragraph the affects that non-sales functions have on the sales functions will be addressed. Second, will be examples of how sales functions of the organization are affected by other nonsales business activities. Last, the entire company sales and nonsales functions will be discussed regarding meeting the organizations strategic objectives. Affects of Nonsales Business Functions Nonsales business functions for Coppertone include manufacturing, maintenance, engineering, office staff, marketing, and research and development to name a few. Without the nonsales functions of an organization there would be no reason to hire a sales team. The responsibility of the research and development department is to create new innovative products. After the product had been created the marketing team will devise a plan to introduce this product into the marketplace. The activities of these departments within the Coppertone Corporation make it possible for the sales team to complete the plan by obtaining space at store level to sell the product. The office staff is responsible for accounting, maintaining a customer database, and relaying possible problems that may arise to the managers and sales team.

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