Sales and Marketing Pathway Essay

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1.0 Introduction This report will highlight different aspects of the pathway into a career in sales and marketing. We have researched many areas within this field to discover what a career in sales and marketing entails. Throughout the report, references will be made to primary research; which include questionnaires and a focus group that were completed by people we know (both personally and professionally). These can be found in Appendix 1 and 2. Any secondary research used can be found in the bibliography and reference list. 2.0 Progression of Marketing – Past to Future The marketing of any organisation is vital with regards to sales. Marketing can determine the success of a company, or indeed the demise. Throughout recent years, the marketing world has evolved immensely with the introduction of new and exciting technologies, all of which will aid companies in becoming more successful on local, national and indeed international levels. 2.1 The Marketing Concept The Marketing Concept has remained the same- that organisations achieve their profit and objectives by satisfying and delighting customers. – Jobber (2010), however, methods of achieving this concept have expanded greatly. Traditional forms of marketing like newspaper articles, billboards, TV adverts and radio are still widely used throughout society however have become much more modern. TV adverts today for example, will be shown in high definition (HD), with bright lights, eye-catching colours and catchy music, which will grasp the customer’s attention. Gaining a customer is arguably the most important part of marketing; if customers’ attention is grasped, it is inevitable that sales and profit will increase. 2.2 Online Marketing From both secondary and primary research it is clear to see that the most popular form of marketing today is online marketing,

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