Sales and Inventory System

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Proposal RFID Powered Electronic Shopping Cart ECE4007 Senior Design Project Section L03, RFID Cart Team Brendan Leahy Stan Komsky Ji Hwan Kim Todd Kamon Matthew Breeden Submitted September 15, 2008 TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary 3 1. Introduction 4 1. Objective 4 2. Motivation 5 3. Background 5 2. Project Description and Goals 7 3. Technical Specifications 7 4. Design Approach and Details 11 1. Design Details 11 2. Codes and Standards 14 3. Constraints, Alternatives, and Tradeoffs 15 5. Schedule, Tasks, and Milestones 16 6. Project Demonstration 17 7. Marketing and Cost Analysis 19 1. Marketing Analysis 19 2. Cost Analysis 19 8. Summary and Conclusions 21 9. References 22 Appendix A 24 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Consumers shopping at retail electronics stores currently have limited access to information as compared to online shoppers. RFID powered electronic shopping cart can solve this problem by providing users with access to be able to view product features, specifications, combination deals, and reviews of the product from other users. Users will also be able to browse through the items in the cart, examine the weekly store fliers, view the top sellers of the store, and find where a product they wish to purchase on the LCD touch screen. Access to this information will create a better overall shopping experience for the consumer along with increased sales for the store. Because of the ongoing spread of RFID technology in retail store locations, little effort is needed to integrate this system into a store’s everyday front end operations. The product consists of a plastic shopping cart, LCD touch screen,
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