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Case Study Four: McDonald’s Ford Dealership 1. Describe the situation and the buyer’s apparent needs. The situation presented in the case demonstrates a car salesman attempting to gain a better understanding of the potential buyer’s needs. He asks questions pertaining to the use of the car, size, mpg, etc to gain knowledge about the buyer. It appears that the buyer is preconscious of her needs as she goes looks at a larger vehicle, but yet knows she needs one that is simply reliable and good on gas mileage. After the seller begins to understand what the buyer is looking for, he then shows her possible options that meet her criteria; however, she didn’t seem very adamant about any of the five cars and decided to continue shopping around. 2. What should the seller do now that the buyer has said no to the cars he has shown her and is about to leave the car lot? Since the buyer has said no to the cars presented by the seller, it is important for the seller to understand why the buyer said no. Instead of letting the buyer simply walk away, the seller should have engaged in further conversation to get a better understanding as to why the buyer feels the cars will not serve her needs. The buyer may not have any issue with the cars, but instead may not be ready to purchase just yet. On the other hand, the buyer bluntly told the seller that she didn’t like the vehicles, but no explanation as to why. Was it the price of the cars? Or could it have been the color, size, model, year, etc. The point is the seller still doesn’t know what the buyer is interested in purchasing. It’s important in relationship marketing that we understand what consumers want. Simply letting a buyer walk off a lot could also leave a bad image in the buyers head. To her understanding, the dealer had nothing that suited her needs. The sales person should have used the trail closing

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