Salem's Witch Trial Opinion Essay

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It’s just amazing how one person can cause so much fear, hatred and even the deaths of many innocent people. At any time in our lives someone with the pointing of a finger and the utterance of a few words can cost a person’s freedom or even their life. Two historic times that are proof of this are in the time of McCarthy and the time of the Salem Witch Trials. They may have different origins, but have many similarities and outcomes. With McCarthy, he accused fellow government officials, actors, actresses and movie directors of communism and no one stood against him because they feared being called a communist. With the Witch Trials those who were accused of witchcraft were jailed or hung, and it was started by a woman coveting another woman’s husband. The Salem Witch Trials started by accusations from Abigail Williams. At first she was merely a common girl who once worked for the Proctors. But when Mrs. Proctor began to suspect her of messing around with her husband, she threw Abigail out. But Abigail was already in love with John and so began to accuse people of having dealings with the Devil after her younger cousin, Betty became ill. The events and accusations snowballed until finally, Abigail pressured Mary Warren to accuse John Proctor of witchcraft. Those that were accused of witchcraft were then hung, burned at the stake or died in jail while waiting for execution. Joseph McCarthy was a government official who in the 1950’s began what is now called The Red Scare. He came out, accusing over 300 people of communism in the United States, most of them included Hollywood stars and film directors of that period but also a few other government officials. Though many wanted this foolishness and fear mongering to be over, no one dared to stand up to him for fear of their name being read off his ‘list of communists.’ In the case of both events, there was never

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