Salem Witch Trials Profile: George Jacobs Sr.

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Salem Witch Trials Profile: George Jacobs Sr George Jacobs Sr (1620-1692) was one of the citizens of Salem who was accused of witchcraft. He became a member of Salem after buying land at around 1658, and married a second wife (Buckstad, 3). George Jacobs Sr was arrested along with his granddaughter and taken to trial at about early August 1692. Salem village, being poorer, at this point was trying to disassociate itself from Salem town at this time, so those with rich or town connections were doomed to be victims in this hunt. Unfortunately, the Jacobs family’s connections to the more powerful and rich members of society meant this old man was to suffer quite the amount of accusations from the lower classes or those ambitious like the Putnams and the ‘thirteen girls’, or the first group of girls to be accused of witchcraft. His servant, Sarah Churchill, was the primary accuser, and as time passed on, more people claimed George Jacobs Sr was a warlock until even granddaughter, to save herself…show more content…
First, he doubted the testimony of the witness right away, arguing with good theological sense and just being plain doubtful as soon as he entered. When asked why he was in the court, he responded “"Because I am falsely accused.-Your worships all of you do think this is true?" plus "You tax me for a wizard, you may as well tax me for a buzzard I have done no harm." Even when threatened with death should he not comply with the court, he responded "Well: burn me, or hang me, I will stand in the truth of Christ, I know nothing of it." While these speeches were logical and show his strong Christian faith, they were also highly offensive in court, and no doubt contributed to further suspicion and eventually death. The other thing interesting about George Jacobs Sr is that he was one of the only men (old at that) who were accused, and his accusers were primarily women (except for 13, 15, 3, and

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