Salem Witch Trials, Mccarthyism, And The Holocaust

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In the 1600’s people greatly feared witchcraft and humanity has always persecuted what it fears. In today’s society there are many other things that people fear. The Salem witch trials, McCarthyism, and the Holocaust, are just a few examples of periods in history where people persecuted others because of fear. In 1692, the village of Salem severely feared the Devil and witchcraft, causing them to persecute others as witches. The Salem village was torn by internal disputes between neighbors who disagreed with the choice of Samuel Parris as their first ordained minister. Also, secrets were extremely difficult to keep due to the small town atmosphere. In this small village when an odd incident occurred the people were quick to blame witchcraft. For example, in the play when the minister’s daughter and several other girls were overcome with seizures and moments of…show more content…
McCarthyism is a period of history where intense anti-Communist suspension came over the United States. The name McCarthyism was originally meant to criticize the actions of U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, but later took on a more general meaning, not necessarily referring to McCarthy solely. During this time many Americans were accused of being Communists which led to aggressive investigations and questioning before the government. The main targets were government employees, people in the entertainment industry, and educators. Many people suffered the loss of employment, destruction of their careers, and imprisonment. Identical to the Salem Witch Trials, people in America were wrongly accused. Whether the person accused was guilty or innocent, normally that person would quickly try to blame someone else; because the fear was so high, the government would take any accusation seriously. McCarthyism is just another one of the many epochs where fear took a strong toll on society

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