Salem Witch Trials Dbq Essay

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What Caused the SWT’s? The Salem Witch Trials were a time of widespread terror throughout the colony of Salem. At this time during 1691 hundreds were accused of being witches and were put to trial. Over twenty people were sentenced to death because of the vast amount of accusations. The witch-hunt ended in the autumn of 1692, but the destruction had already been done. The Salem Witch Trials were caused because of the resident’s need for social stability, the unstable conditions of Salem, and the mass hysteria that ensued. The need to control the social order was a cause of the Salem Witch Trials (Interpretation F). The first witches that were ever accused were clear social outcasts. They were a slave, a very sick old woman, and the town beggar. Surely no one would miss these bottom feeders of society. The people of Salem wanted to live comfortable lives and anyone who interfered were hated. The easiest way to get rid of these “annoyances” would have been to get them arrested and play off the hysteria of the town to get these people out of their lives. The unstable conditions of Salem were also a cause of the Salem Witch Trials (Interpretation G). During the years leading up to the witch-trials Salem was in a time of a time of political, religious and social unrest. The charter that granted them their colony was lost and a new leader appointed by the crown was sent to rule all of Massachusetts. Also, the citizens of Salem had a genuine fear of God’s power and the destruction he could bring to the colony if they discovered to be in cahoots with the Devil. This made the prosecution and search for witches a very serious and high priority matter. Lastly, the impending threat of war terrorized the minds of the citizens. The thought of the Indians launching a brutal attack on the town at any time was terrifying. This is turn with the impending threat of a

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