Salem Witch Trials Essay

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Allison Perez Mrs. Fransen English 2 April 4, 2014 Religion and the Salem Witch Trials In 1692 Salem, Massachusetts had one of the most devastating times in which beliefs, fear, and respect play a major part in the Puritan and American history. The Salem Witch trials protestant belief created the Salem Witch trials, they believed in nonsense, strict rules in their religion and lifestyle, sinning had its extreme punishments. “The witch trials that took place in Salem, Massachusetts Bay Colony, in 1962 represent the most famous Puritan moment in American history; It is the one thing most people think of when they think of the New England Puritans.” (Stokes,2013) The New England Puritans believed in witchcraft, spiritual world and as well as Satan himself. To the puritans, the spiritual world was very realistic to them in the sense that it was real as flesh and blood according to (Stokes, 2013). The belief of Satan’s power was so strong that it would play a role in which witchcraft accusations were more believable. The first way the religion Protestant impacted the Salem witch trials was because they were highly superstitious people. The Puritans will believe in the nonsense that they thought it was not right in their religion such as they would call “witchcraft”. Many were accused for practicing to what they would call witchcraft when they really weren’t doing so. Another thing that would really come in to part in their way of beliefs and religion is that the people would believe that any misfortune such as getting ill, bad harvest ect.. was a way God would punish them for their wrongs. The second way the religion Protestant impacted the Salem witch trials was that they had really strict rules and lifestyles. Church was a major factor in the way of life in Salem. Everyone had to attend Church if not they

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