Salem Witch Trials Essay

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A Witches Presence In Salem, Massachusetts The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 was an event of great tragedy and ignorance. Many people, both men and women were brutally and unfairly tried and executed based on impractical evidence. The accusation of witchcraft brought a terrible fate to 25 residents of Salem, Massachusetts. Nineteen of the accused were hung, with many lynchings occurring on the same day, one victim was tortured to death by pressing, and five died while serving their sentence in prison. The tragedy did not end there. Over two years, over a hundred persons are jailed, their reputation stained, and left to live a hardened life. Other than being wrongfully accused, the big similarity all of these incidents had was that each ‘witch’ that was accused of hexing another would create some strange sort of reaction in the afflicted when they were in their presence. Even churchgoing, religious individuals like Goodwife Nurse were accused of witchcraft. One accusation against Goodwife Nurse came from a 12 year old girl named Abigail Williams. Williams had a fit in which she made what appeared to be crazed attempts at flying, by thrashing her arms wildly in the air and repeating the words, “whish, whish, whish”. She then announced to the other individuals in the room that Goodwife Nurse was in the present among them. The other individuals denied her presence, but Williams claimed that Goodwife was attempting to force a suspicious dark book upon her. After refusing to take the black book from the imagined Goodwife, Williams proceeded to act in a crazed stupor, even attempting to run into a lit fireplace. Ann Putman, another citizen of Salem claimed that while praying at her father’s home she witnessed Goodwife Nurse praying to the devil. Accusations such as these were all that was needed to begin the processes of investigations, experimentations, and unfair

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