Salem Witch Trials Essay

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The Uprising of Witchcraft The Salem trials were a series of events caused by the belief of witchcraft. In 1692, the common knowledge with the basis of the bible led to the hanging of men and women. The accused had to make the decision of dying to save their afterlife or confess to save their mortal life. The Salem Witch Trials was a disappointing time in American history. Idleness of girls started the trials. Anyone could be accused. Historians feel that other occurrences started the outbreak. Accusations of witchcraft began when a doctor could not diagnose the sickness of a young girl. Strange symptoms for an unknown disease often led to believe that the patient was under witchcraft (Allard). The Puritan religion also has a “strong belief in the devil” which might be the reason for quickly characterizing strange actions as witchery (D’Amario). Another underlying thought that could have escalated the accusations of witchcraft was jealousy and rivalry between the townspeople (Allard). These factors were the basis for every accusation. Becoming accused caused a life or death situation. Over 150 men and women were accused of witchcraft and waited for their trial. The practice of witchcraft was punishable by death (D’Amario). These trials were unfair, the accused were not allowed to defend them self and having others defend their innocence led to them being accused. However, some confessed to being a witch to save their life, while jeopardizing their afterlife. Others named more members of the town to be witches to also save them self. The court also disregarded Cotton Mather’s warning of “convicting only on spectral evidence” and emphasized on “cleansing the land” (Allard). Further accusations later on made people question the seriousness of the court. Many lost their lives due to false accusations. Some historians feel that there were other factors leading to

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