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Salem Witch Trials Essay

  • Submitted by: sarahendress
  • on April 8, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Salem Witch Trials" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

One of American history’s most tragic events was considered to be influenced by the social, religious, and political influences of the time.   Puritans of England settled in Massachusetts Bay of the New World to escape religious prosecution.   They had strict moral codes and their way of living was molded around their religious beliefs.   Originally beginning in colonial Massachusetts in 1692 was a series of hearings and prosecutions of people being accused of witchcraft.   This mass hysteria began when several adult members of Salem Village accused three women of being involved with the Devil.   Other researched causes of the outbreak were a belief that Satan recruited witches and wizards to work for him, a time of troubles, making it seem likely that Satan was active and lastly, teenage boredom.   We have to remember that these children had no television or CDs but they had lots of Bible reading and strict households.   These women, Tituba-Parris’ slave, Sarah Good-a homeless beggar and Sarah Osborne-an elderly impoverished woman, were supposedly causing illnesses among many children of the village and were sent to Boston’s prison after examinations.   These women that were accused were relatively low in standings in Salem Village, or in other words, had bad reputations.   On the other hand, Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey were two more women that were accused of the same activity.   However, they were two well respected individuals that had good names.
Reverend Samuel Parris, first ordained minister, had a daughter and a niece, that both became very ill.   Elizabeth, age 9, and Abigail, age 11, were encountering ‘fits’ that consisted of screaming, throwing things, murmuring peculiar sounds and contorting themselves into strange positions.   However, because of all the chaos that was spreading around the village, the local doctor, William Griggs, blamed the supernatural for these young girls’ behaviors.  
These extraordinary occurrences in the village of Salem needed to end...

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