Salem Witch Trials Essay

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In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Little did he know that a mere 200 years later, America as he knew it would be take strides in the direction that he did not intend it to. In the 1600’s, in a small Massachusetts town, Salem, things would take place that neither outsiders nor insiders would predict. The Salem witch trial hysteria was one of the most inaccurate mass killings ever to take place, and what makes it more startling is that there was no evidence for any of the killings. In fact, records show that no conclusive evidence was present, leading people to ask the question; what caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria? There are many suspicious ions that are found to answer to this question. The three predominant ones are, that the wealth/income difference of each of the residents stirred up problems with jealously and greed. Another was physical and mental instability, which was related with problems hysteria and ergotism. Finally, fear and superstition of the people played a role in the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria. These three factors are what caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria of 1692. The differences in income/wealth, which often caused greed and jealousy, was a factor in starting the Salem witch trials. Many family members were found on the court records of those accused, leaving it obvious that targets were set on certain groups of people. Giles and Martha Cory are both on the executed list, as are Alice and Mary Parker. (Salem court records, pg. 6). As people were targeted, some of the reasons were not as obvious as they first appeared. The wealthy were a lot more likely to get accused, because if they were, they wouldn’t have any power that comes with money and land. When people were the accusers, it gave them a sense of power that accusing people, whether correct or not, was powerful. Physical and mental instability that was triggered by

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