Salem Witch Trials Essay

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In the town of Salem, Massachusetts there is only one thing that truly scares everyone in the town beyond extent. This one thing has very many different names. Those being old Lucifer, the dark prince, or simply just the devil. In the town of Salem once the word devil was even mentioned the whole town went on a witch hunt. This began many years in the past with mysterious ways of people dyeing and peoples pigs not being able to live for more than four weeks. But the final straw was when two girls were bed stricken by unknown things. They all said that she was just frightened by the appearance of her father while she was dancing in the woods. Then the real story began to unfold. This is when the Salem witch trials began. During the Salem witch trials there were very few things that you could do anymore because so many things could make you considered a witch. For instance if a woman read a book they could be considered a witch. “I never said my wife was a witch, Mr. Hale, I only said she were reading book (miller, 201). This made the town very single minded. They only did one thing anymore and those was look for witches and try to save themselves from being hung. They made counsels and put one person at the head of the counsel and he would decide who got hung and who didn’t. This took over everyone’s life in Salem because everyone has some part in finding the devil in people. The fear in Salem was no longer about the actual witches harming you anymore because everyone was simply just afraid of being called a witch and going to court and being hung as a witch. Some people even say that during the time of the Salem witch trials; the townspeople started to just not leave there house so that they could in no way be a part of the trials. While all the townspeople were going mad looking for all the witches, one girl and her friends started pointing fingers at other

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