Salem Witch Trials Essay

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Witchcraft in Salem The Salem Witch Trials is a very touchy subject and often hard to explain, the trials were a very interesting subject to come across and write about. Many people died during the witch hunts, over one-hundred and eighty to be exact. The witchcraft cases were very difficult to listen and hear about at the time, many people were confused on what was happening (Harley 308). The people of Salem persecuted innocent, upstanding citizens because of hysteria, fear, and possession. Those three things that were just mentioned are very important and so is the information that goes with them. Hysteria is the first important thing that was going on throughout the witch hunts. What is hysteria? Hysteria is the acting out spontaneously in fear or panic. Some children can be influenced by people and pressured into things that aren't actually true (Linder). Linder says that hysteria just happens. Many people killed, but at Gallows Hills in 1692, nineteen people were tried and hung (Linder). This happened from June to September (Linder). One man was not found guilty or guilty but he still was hung for being even slightly involved with the witch hunt (Linder). Many people believed that fear was a big part in the trials as well. Fear had a big part with the witch hunts. Fear is being scared of something that is happening or someone. People believe that witches should be punished but doesn't approve of being hung or killed (Harley). The people were so scared that they wanted to kill everyone and that wasn't fair to them. Just because some teenagers started the witch hunts or even if they were just doing some crazy or off the wall things doesn’t mean that it was all true. Kids are crazy sometimes and do some odd things. People claimed that they were possessed by the devil or Satan. Many people believed that they were possessed. People

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