Salem Witch Trials Essay

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Salem Witch Trials What were the motivations for the Salem witch trials? The Trials that accused and killed so many innocent women and men. What we know about the trials is that there were religious, social, and economic factors involved. The Religious/Political factor was is the inability to explain certain events and to go outside their church beliefs and discipline. The Social factor was that they weren’t really a community, there failure to really know there neighbors and the economic factor was because of the difference in monetary income. All of these were reasons why the Salem Witch Trials occurred. The religious/Political factor was really the main reason for the accusations of witch craft. The religious side of the factor was that they could only interpret certain events using only the bible. For instance if something bad happen it was because someone was the devil and they did it, that is how the Bible explained it in John 6:70 it says that there are 11 good people and one bad person as explained in a sermon in 1692. They believed this because they were raised this way and to say the contrary was forbidden and looked down upon you could be excommunicated, jailed, or even executed for such thoughts. In the case of the three children who were believed to be “witched” were seen sleeping and could not wake some had seizures. Today that can explained fairly easily because we use science and logic and because most of society does not follow the bible. It wasn’t because they couldn’t understand certain events it was because they didn’t want to, they didn’t want to face the consequences if they were to say such things. There probably was a political reason for the trials. It may have been because they wanted to control the known and unknown. They didn’t want to accept anything that was not following the bible. For instance all these things that women and

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