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Salem - Witch Trials Essay

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  • on October 17, 2011
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“The Puritans, many of whom settled in Salem, Massachusetts, believed that every human being was predestined to enter either heaven or hell”(The Salem witch trials: a primary source of history of the witchcraft trials in American history, page 4).
Let’s go back in time to the year 1690. Just because of behaving differently two dozen people had been accused of witchcraft. Some people took an advantage of this era to their own success and accused other people who were standing in their way.   Nowadays, some people believed that they were accused just because of a different religion (in fact, around Massachusetts were a lot of Puritans), but that is not true. In fact, many of arrested shared the same religion.
In 1692 many girls in Salem were interested in stories told by enslaved woman called Tituba. Nobody knew what the girls were experiencing. Because of the fact, they were stricken with seizures. To testify against them, they used arguments like they sent powers to kill their children, destroy their lands etc. By the way, this is a good example of how is education important in our lives. If at least the minority had endured the basic form of education, we wouldn’t have lost so many people without a reason.
The minister had a distinctive character so this also may cause the unnecessary death.   “Salem-permission to lay plans for a meetinghouse. In 1689, Reverend Samuel Parris was elected as minister. By examining various documents, historians have discovered that Parris was an extremely stern man who was obsessed with the idea of sin and his own self-importance(The Salem witch trials: a primary sources in American history, page 5). Looking backwards, we can certainly say that characters of the main people highly influenced other people’s behavior. What If he wasn’t elected? Would the situation have stopped earlier? Would the people have been hanged? Who knows.
The atmosphere of the process for the prosecuted ones was anxious and depressive. “As she was led...

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