Salem Witch Trial Essay

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A lot of people were put to death in Salem, Massachusetts for witchcraft. It is one of the The Salem Witch Trial hysteria of 1492 was caused by a variety of factors including notoriety, martial status, and town divisions. Notoriety played a big part on the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria. "[T]here can be no doubt that they were great actors." According to document D, people pretended they're witches in order to be known. This maybe also because of how the eastern part of Salem lost political influence. During that time, people were in search of witches and if a witch was found, the town was notified. So if one was accused of witchcraft, everyone's eyes were on the them. Town division was also part of the reason why the Salem Witch Craft Hysteria of 1692 occurred. People in the eastern half of Salem Village were wealthy and had political influence while western half of the village were poorer and lost political power. By looking the Map of Salem Village 1692 in document E, you will see how most of the accused witches and defenders lived in the eastern part of Salem; the accusers lived in the west. Easterners were accused of being witches because they were powerful and above the western half of Salem. Westerners probably didn't like how their village was set up and were jealous of the wealthy people. So the only way to get even was to accuse them of witchcraft. It is very interesting how there are patterns

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