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Salem Witch Trial Character Analysis: Thomas Putman In the movie, Salem Witch Trial, One of the most hated characters, in my opinion, was Thomas Putman. He was one of the richest men in the village; during that time period, he was mostly in charge of many things. So Mr. Putman had many sayings in many of the trials. When it came to trials between the accused “witches and warlocks” he never really cared because he thought he was doing the right thing for his villagers and the “possessed” girls. Puritanism is such a strange thing. Besides that, Thomas Putman wanted all the witches hanged immediately. But they had no legal authority until the charter consented. Mr. Putman thought he was doing the right thing. Something God would have wanted done. He did not care to find any evidence on any of the women accused. It was never a proper trial, like the ones that we have now. Everyone later started to notice that many of the people being accused of such nonsense was people that Mr. Putman never was very close to or had some of their own personal issues. Mr. Putman thought he was doing the right thing by hanging all these innocent people. Since politics haven’t really existed at that time period, they were still under the rule of the king and queen of England. There was no stable government yet. So he took matters into his own hands. With the help of the reverend. The reverend trialed the accused women and made them plea guilty although most of them didn’t. Mr. Putman was careless. I loathe him so much during the movie. How was he not able to look past his beliefs and realize that the girls be trialed for their own mischief. All in all, Mr. Putman was blinded by his own belief. He was careless and bitter. Slowly death after death people realized the accused innocence but they were too afraid to speak up because they may be also falsely accused as a witch or

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