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Per 4 Have you ever been in a town with witches before? In 1692 Salem Massachusetts their was a time when witches attacked. It caught a lot of attention that authors began to make plays about it. One of the play authors was Arthur Miller, he called it The Crucible. In this play some people changed so it was a dynamic change that the character made or either the character stayed static. In this play there are two main characters named Abigail and Proctor that will go through the crucible. A crucible is a severe test that someone goes through to see if they learn or don’t. In the play Abigail Williams is a static character, she does not change. She is a liar throughout the whole play by telling people that their are witches in the town. For example the narrator says, “…Endless capacity for dissembling.” This shows everybody believed her. She has the ability to lie endlessly and to manipulate her friends and the entire town. At the end of the play Abigail is a murderer because she knew people were innocent and that they weren’t witches but she didn’t admit anything and stayed quiet. For example Hale says “I have signed 72 death warrants.” This proves the people of the town are being unfortunately killed and hung because of her. In conclusion Abigail remains static, she does not change at all. She could have possibly became even worse than she was before. The next character that had to face the crucible was the blunt-spoken John Proctor. He is one of the dynamic characters in the play. In the beginning Proctor is a cheater. He cheats on his wife Elizabeth by having an affair with Abigail Williams. For example, he tells Abigail one day “No,no Abby. That’s done with.” Meaning that whatever he and Abigail had before which was an affair is over with. They are done. Even though she wanted him to be affectionate with her, he insisted that it wasn’t right. That is when

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