Salem Times Conflict Analysis

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Unity in the Face of Conflict Salem Times, 1697 Written by Reverend John Hale As I sit here in my chair I begin reflecting on the abominations I witnessed five years ago in the town of Salem. Fear and hysteria plagued the townspeople, as they cried witchcraft on the weak and vulnerable for selfish desires. I still struggle to fathom how the town’s powerful, many who were men of God, allowed these calumniation's to occur. But to ponder the monstrosities that took place years ago is not wise. As Christians we must learns from our perils, and seek to put others above ourselves when fear grips any last shred of reason in our lives. I met Reverend Parris upon my arrival in Salem, my books “weighted with authority”. My first glance…show more content…
John Proctor had his demons, as we all do, but he was a man who fought the ludicrous calumniations to stand up for his fellow friends and family. His willingness to forfeit his life befuddled my, as I questioned Elizabeth “what profit him to bleed?”, but I was naive. As I gazed upon John rising to the noose I began to accept his actions. John did not die just for his family’s name. John died for truth, he died for justice, and he died for his morals. God’s gift of life is precious, but it is not precious enough to preserve at the expense of others. Sometimes to die for a cause is better than to live in a world without justice, John Proctor taught me that. The witch-trials in Salem saw the lives of nineteen innocent people taken away in hysteria. The tragedy witnessed will bare with me for the rest of my life. The weak and corrupt chose to pursue selfish interests as their fellow townspeople suffered, but a strong few stood up and put themselves after the lives of their loved ones. To the few who lead these notorious witch-hunts, only god can judge you, and to the silent heroes who perished, may your souls rest in

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