Salem Essay

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Makai Ray Mr. Bell English 2 12 Sept. 2011 IS CAPITAL PUNISHMENT WRONG OR RIGHT? An argument that continues to come up is whether the death penalty serves as a correct form of punishment. Naci Macan, associated with the University of Colorado at Denver says. “I oppose the death penalty. But my results show that the death penalty deters. He co-authored a 2003 study and re-examined a 2006 study that found that each execution results in five fewer homicides and communting a death sentence means five more homicides. In today’s time, the death penalty remains an effective way of punishment for murder and other terrible crimes One of the main disadvantages of capital punishment is not giving the criminal a chance to forgive themselves and ask God to forgive them. What Naci Mocan is saying about the death penalty deterring means that the judicial system can be lenient towards some cases and hard on others, In the past, it was recorded that some people actually were let go because of the crime they did was not a holocaust. The law makers and the court system will try to scrutinize the criminal to find out it would be necessary for the death penalty. In contrast to allowing somebody to repent, it would also be smart to make that person live with what they did to another human. Living with something like that on your heart will make them ask themselves, “why did I do it, and what was I thinking.” However, another argument that is against the death penalty is discrimination. Eighty-two percent of all murder victims are white and thirteen percent are black. The NAACP says that “The system values white lives more than black lives.” The only true reason why whites are the most victims in death row cases is because they are the victims in capital crimes. Capital punishment has proven to have good benefits and bad benefits in determining how

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