Salary Negotiation Strategies For Women Essay

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Introduction In order to win at salary negotiation, one must obtain knowledge because knowledge is power. One must define their Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA), and utilize it, one must project confidence, one must practice the negotiating process, one must have goals and objectives, and one must use the art of persuasion. An analysis of salary negotiation strategies reveals one challenge facing women: overcoming fear. In their book, Women Don’t Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide, Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever report that women are less likely than men to negotiate the terms of their first job, and that when women do negotiate, they ask too little. (2003) Research has shown that many women simply did not ask for a salary increase due to fear. Even so, there are strategies needed for women to gain the confidence to negotiate for a salary increase. Knowledge is power In order to be successful at salary negotiation, a clear plan is needed to win. This plan is your strategy. Your strategy defines how to reach your goals, and achieve success. Lewicki, R.J., Barry, B., and Saunders, D.M. (2007) state preparation should occur before the negotiation begins why—so that the time spent negotiating is more productive. In addition, Lewicki goes on to say that good preparation means understanding one’s own goals and interests as well as possible and being able to articulate them to the other party skillfully. Bernard states (2010) that even now when women represent half the work force, they’re still paid considerably less than men and assuming that women make it to the table, since research shows that they are less likely to ask for raises. In a November 13, 2009 article in Forward Magazine, a nationwide poll released at the end of October probed what men and women think of their changing roles in society in light of the fact that women now

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