Saladin Vs. Richard Essay

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Richard vs. Saladin: Who was more civilized? 
 What does it truly mean to be civilized? Is it how someone treats himself or herself? How they treat others? In the case of Richard the Lion heart and Saladin it is how they treated their nation. Richard battled with Saladin for nearly a decade for the right of the holy lands. Although both Richard and Saladin had great character, Saladin was ultimately more civilized because he protected his people and land, and he did what needed to be done for his nation, not just himself. Richard was the most celebrated character of the middle ages, but it is hard to understand why. He spent only six months of his ten-year kingship in his country. He was the third child of King Henry I and was not the true heir to the throne, but inherited the crown when his older brother he died due to high fever in 1183. Richard spent his childhood in France, where he learned English only as a secondary language. He acquired the name Lion Heart due to his skills as a warrior. This is also the reason why he is so fabled. A contemporary account describes Richard’s own part in battle. “There, the king, the extraordinary king, cut down the Turks in every direction, none could escape the force of his arm, for wherever he turned, brandishing his sword, he carved a wide path for himself, cutting them down like a reaper with his sickle.” (Hilliam 28) Saladin was a Kurd, ethnically related to Iranians. He spent his childhood in Dwin, Armenia. His greatest achievement of preventing the Crusaders into Jerusalem brought him fame. Saladin’s father and uncle held high positions in Nur-Ed-Din’s army, which helped promote him. In 1169, he was named ruler of Egypt. After Nur-Ed-Din’s death, Saladin proclaimed himself successor and unified Egypt and Syria. The third crusade waged from 1189-1192. It started when

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