Saints & Arharats

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Buddha and Jesus come from completely different religions and time periods, although having major differences in religion they both share the fact that they had disciples. These disciples started their lives as regular people as workers and witnesses invited by Buddha or Jesus and later went on to achieving a spiritual enlightenment. Although it being a spiritual enlightenment they both had different terms for such, Buddhist call them arharats and Christians call them saints. Although arharats and saints share multiple commonalities and differences, this essay will show, that in both religions to reach the enlightenment you are born with the skills, are called to achieve it through discipline, and both share a path of getting farther from such enlightenment. In Catholicism all members are called to be saints and Buddhist the same with arharats. The Catholic Church calls every one to be saints because we are born as saints, and to keep that going we must take on the role that comes with the name. Buddhist have a very similar belief, Buddha said that we are born with the skills to reach such spiritual enlightenment, and that it is up to us to put those tools to work. Both religions talk about being born with the skills of achieving the spiritual enlightenment; they both state that it’s up to us to take on the roll of the saint or arharat. They both mention us being born with the skills of achieving the enlightenment, but both require us to have the discipline that it takes to take on such a roll. The word discipline comes from a Latin root meaning “to learn”. In Christianity it’s using discipline of not giving into temptation or any other immorality. Buddhist have to go through the discipline of overcoming the three poisons, which keeps us from achieving clarity, compassion and real happiness. Discipline is the key role in reaching the spiritual enlightenment, it
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