Saints and the Roughnecks Essay

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SAINTS AND THE ROUGHNECKS | JUVENILE JUSTICE FINAL PROJECT 2012 | | 1. Compare and contrast deviant activities the Saints were involved in to those of the Roughnecks. Discuss the element of seriousness of the offenses. Do you feel that the community was legitimately focusing more harshly on the activities of the roughnecks while turning a blind eye to the saints due to the severity of behavior? First of all, the activities of the Saints and the Roughnecks both were involved in serious offenses because both groups broke the laws. The community focused more on the Roughnecks because of their social economic status in the community. They weren’t expected to succeed. The community turned a blind eye to the Saint’s behavior because they saw it as “Good Boys” sowing a few “Wild Oats” and to them it was normal behavior. 2. Compare and contrast the attitude of the saints and the roughnecks. Explain how attitude plays a role in life. The Saints attitude was because of their family status in the community, they thought in a sense they were above the law. The Roughnecks attitude on the other hand didn’t seem to care much about how they were perceived by the community as a whole. In one’s life your attitude greatly determines how people view you and how they will treat you in general. 3. Compare and contrast the academics of the two groups. Academically the Saints was expected to do well in school because of who their parents were and family social status. The Roughnecks wasn’t at all concerned about how they performed in school. In the end both groups had the ability to do well but made different choices due to different backgrounds. 4. Compare and contrast the treatment of the saints and the roughnecks by the police. The police chose to look the other way even when they were aware of the wrong doings of the Saints because they were “Good

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