Sainte Marie de La Tourette

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------------------------------------------------- Sainte Marie de La Tourette Sainte Marie de La Tourette is located in a valley near Lyon, France designed by architects Le Corbusier which constructed between 1956 and 1960. La Tourette is considered one of the more important buildings of the late Modernist style. There are many characteristic of modern architecture which is consisted in this building including pilotis, garden terrace, open plan, and façade free. The pilotis was built in order to allow for long vertical windows in the outside walls and grassed rooftops. From the outside, the building may appear very modest but it is in the inside that it is alive. Le Corbuiser’s intention in build this building was to provide the monks with two fundamental qualities which is silence and peace. This building entirely is created using the concrete. Rough concrete stained by time give an exterior unfamiliar to religious structures. The panes of glass located on the three exterior faces, on the other hand, in the garden-court of the cloister, the fenestration is composed of large concrete elements reaching from floor to ceiling, perforated with glazed voids and separated from one another by "ventilators": vertical slits covered by metal mosquito netting and furnished with a pivoting shutter. The corridors leading to the dwelling cells are lit by a horizontal opening located under the ceiling. The spaces are arranged in a non-traditional way because of the sloping terrain with living spaces below and work spaces above. A green roof is broken up at the interior courtyard, with scattered planes of glass looking onto what appears to be the ruins of civilization. This building consists of the monastic church, cloister, chapter room, classrooms, library, dining room, kitchen and a hundred cells. The cells are designed in such a way that each one has sunshine during

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