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St. Lucy STORY St. Lucy is known for being a woman of bravery and strength. At an early age, her father died. Lucy was left alone with her mother, who was suffering from dysentery for about four years. Lucy vowed that her life would be lived in accordance to serving Christ. Lucy’s mother, Eutychia, tried to arrange a marriage for her with a pagan. Lucy knew that her mother would not be convinced by a young girl's vow so she devised a plan to convince her mother that Christ was the most powerful partner for life. During an early morning mass, Lucy and her mother heard the story of the famous Saint Agatha who cured a woman with dysentery. Lucy and her mother went to the tomb of Saint Agatha and her mother's long illness was cured miraculously. Eutychia was grateful and was ready to listen to Lucy's desire to give her money to the poor and commit her life to God. The bridegroom was angry and betrayed Lucy to the Diocletian as a Christian. There are many legends that tell how Lucy was tortured. The first legend states that Lucy’s groom loved her eyes so much; she tore them out for him and told him to let her live a life with Christ. The second legend states that as a way of torture, Diocletian took her eyes out with a fork. It is also told that when she didn’t die, the guards slashed a sword through her throat. The second way that people believe she died was by being burned to death. She was killed and tortured as a martyr for

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