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Analyst’s Report SAINT-GOBAIN FRANCE Saint-Gobain is a French corporation founded in 1665. Saint-Gobain is a world or European leader in each of the markets it operates. As shown here in figure 1: Source: Saint-Gobain is a well-established company that is currently about 132nd largest company in the world. In recent years the company has done well however there has been a decrease in profits due to the global economic crisis leaving the company with less profit than desirable in 2010. Not only is Saint-Gobain a world leader in the world in a lot of its fields it is also a very international company operating in over 60 countries. A lot of the world was effected by the Economic crisis however Saint-Gobain’s involvement in particular countries deemed to be very useful as some markets recovered from the economic crisis more quickly and so helped boost the companies end of year figures. Latin America and Asia in particular had put the crisis behind them in 2009, with fourth-quarter trading for these regions equaling their performance in the three months to December 31, 2008. Here is a breakdown of how the distribution of sales looked in the various markets in 2009: Figure 2: Breakdown of sales geographically Emerging countries and Asia bounced back from the crisis well with sales in the second half of the year improving 12.9%. Eastern European countries recovered more slowly, and the low figures remained as they did in the rest of the world. This shows that Saint-Gobain is very interested in going into different and emerging markets, as they believe that’s where the most revenue will be. SHAREHOLDERS: Saint-Gobain has the majority of its shares divided amongst French and foreign institutional investors, with the biggest amount of shares by a single investor being 17.5% of the shares

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