Saint Cecilia Essay

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Saint Cecilia Saint Cecilia birth date is unknown; her recorded death date around 177 A.D. Saint Cecilia martyred c.117; suffocated for a while in her own lavatory, and when that did not kill her, she beheaded. Her grave discovered in 817, and her body moved to the church of Saint Cecilia in Rome; the tomb that the church built; opened in 1599, and her body found to be incorrupt1. Her Feast Day2 is on November 22 and she is the patron saint of the blind, music, and poets. Saint Cecilia husband and brother in law, beheaded before she was. Thinking this would stop her from her mission was a sorrowful mistake. Saint Cecilia preached the laws of God even more with a new fire knowing that her husband and brother in law were with the Father Almighty. Even after the beheading of herself, she hung on by just a strip a skin her heat still beating while her family and friend came to say good-bye and wish her a safe journey. Sentenced to death she was not worried or scared, because she knew she would be joining her father. Saint Cecilia’s childhood was unique for most saints. A woman of noble birth; at a young age, she dedicated her life to God with a vow of chastity. Even after a forced marriage with the young noble, she remained a virgin by converting her new spouse to Christianity. The reason for her sainthood is even though Cecilia had a husband; Cecilia was still a virgin. In addition, her connection with music stems from the alleged circumstances of her wedding. Her father had promised her to an aristocratic young pagan named Valerian. Since she had sworn herself to chastity, she obviously did not want to go through with the marriage and all that it entailed. Therefore, at the ceremony, while musical instruments played around her, she prayed that she might remain as pure in body as she was in spirit. Her prayers answered by God; later that night, in the nuptial
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