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Saint Alexander I wanted to pick a saint that had a name of someone in my family. So I picked a saint that had a name the same as my grandfather. My grandfather's name is Alexander. It was hard to find in particular one as there was more than one. I decide to choose Saint Alexander of Jerusalem. One reason is that his feast day March 18th two days after my grandmother’s birthday that way both of my grandparents can be part of my confirmation. My Grandfather is still alive, he is 92, but my grandmother died in 1998. Saint Alexander of Jerusalem is sometimes called Saint Alexander of Cappadocia because he was the bishop of Cappadocia. Saint Alexander was persecuted for being a Christian. He is what is known as a martyr, which is someone dies for what they believe and he believed in Christ. He was imprisoned twice, once from the years 204 -211 when he was the bishop of Cappadocia. After he was released he made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. When he was in Jerusalem he made a theological library and he was persecuted again. This is what I found interesting, he was given to wild beasts to be eaten but they did not attack him. He dies in prison in 251. I like Saint Alexander because he was also known as mild man, which I think I am and he stood for what he believed in, which was Christ and I believe in

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