Saine V. F & T Company Case Digest

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In the following cases I have found claims that are similar to that of the Yunker vs. Honey well, inc. case. Case I Natasha SAINE v. COMCAST CABLEVISION OF ARKANSAS, INC. 354 Ark. 492; 126 S.W.3d 339; (2003 Ark) In Saine vs. Comcast Cablevision of Arkansas, inc. the summary of the case is that an employee of Comcast entered the Saine’s home to work on the installation of the cable and raped and attempted to kill her. Saine filed a suit, alleging the employer's liability for her injuries. Saine presented evidence of another customer who tried to report the perpetrator's suggestive behavior during an installation and events that indicated his plan to break into her home. The customer claimed that she spoke with three people at the employer's…show more content…
F& T Company the summary of the case is that an employee of F&T Company delivered a television to the injured party that was purchased from the company. Three days later, the employee raped the injured party at her residence. The injured party filed an action against the company alleging that the company was negligent in hiring and negligent in retaining the employee, and that this negligence was the proximate cause of her rape. In this case the court ruled in favor of the company in that it was not responsible for negligent hiring or retention. The courts ruled in favor of the company for negligent hiring because the act of the employee could not have been foreseen by the company at the time it hired the employee. The courts also ruled for the company in negligent retention because the rape of the injured party by the employee was not foreseeable by the company, nor was it a natural or probable result of the company's retention of the employee. The decision in this case for negligent retention is different from that of the Yunker case in that in the Yunker case they had facts that it was foreseeable that Landin could act violently whereas in the F&T company case the acts were not foreseeable by F&T

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