Sagging Pants Essay

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Evelyn Ticey Composition 1 29 November 2014 Saggy Pants Sagging is a popular trend all over the world, it is not a trend that is specific to a location. Sagging is when people, mostly men, sag their pants below their waist exposing their underwear. Some people think that this is an offensive fashion due to the origination and some people considered the clothing style public indecency. Many public officials around the world are trying to outlaw the saggy pants fashion. Even though some may not particularly like the fashion, sagging your pants should not be categorized as indecent exposure or considered illegal activity. The Editorial: Wildwood Pants Patrol: Don’t Let Them Down, out of the Philadelphia Inquirer says, “Dress is after all, an important form of personal expression. That means that thanks to the founding fathers, you can probably wear your britches just about any way that you like.” (“Pants Patrol”) Saggy pants may be offensive to some but should not be considered a criminal act because how a person wears their clothing is a personal choice as dictated by the First Amendment right to free speech and expression. Saggy pants originated in prison. Young men whose clothing did not fit would just let their pants sag. The fashion then took another turn and men who were incarcerated and who were trying to let others know that they were available for sex would sag their pants. Somewhere in the mix, sagging became a not-so-sexual gesture and many men who were sagging just did it because the fashion was something they had seen and familiarized themselves with. Sagging became a widespread fashion that made it into the media largely through the hip-hop culture. Those who are apart of the black or hip-hop culture, then began to wear saggy pants 24/7 not meaning to send a message but simply because they liked wearing their pants that way. Sagging was once a
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