Safety Undefined: The Plague And The Riots In London

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Safety Undefined Are these laws formed with good intentions? Or are they implemented to the mouths of citizens shut? Either way, everything is better than what it was. Here in London everything is already starting to turn around, but not necessarily for the better. The disease is gone, the riots are over, yes yes, all good; but now the fear has moved from enemies to government. Before the revolution things couldn’t have gotten worse. The disease ridden degenerates were all over. Plague, poisoning, mental retardation, the list goes on. Over half the public wasn’t fit for survival, didn’t deserve to live, should be terminated and forgotten; that’s what the government led to be believed. So it did what it knows best, it eradicated the disease, simply by eradicating the people. Even the news fornicated death. If a political leader was assassinated, first it was discussed how they would pretend he died, “Perhaps a stroke, no no, to horrific. How about a quiet dignified death in his sleep?” –President of the news network. “Nationwide we’re devastated as news of the more popular; most awarded stars; know to everyone as the voice of London passed away last night from apparent heart failure. And it came to no surprise that his body was found…show more content…
Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and depression, and at one time the freedom to object, to think and speak as saw fit, there are now censors and systems of surveillance caressing the conformity. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt reason and rob common sense. Fear got the best of everyone. And in panic leadership was turned to the now high chancellor. He promised order and peace, and all he demanded in return was silent obedient consent. So he did all he knows how to do. He purged the country. He turned the people’s fear of living in an uncontrolled madhouse of a country, to the comfort of living in a safe and secure
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