Safety Procedures Essay

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PROCEDURES Normal Operating Procedure This procedure is in place to ensure that all users are safe, clean, and warm and in a friendly environment. It is a particular course of action used to achieve results for instance, health and safety issues like alarm testing’s and fire safety. Normal operating procedures are used in swimming pools and squash courts so every member of staff knows what they are doing. Some of the procedures are essential as for a swimming pool as there should be a correct number of staff so that of someone was to drown the chances of them drowning would be reduced with more supervision. The manual can indicate any potential risk factors such as unruly behaviour, customers with health problems and misuse of any given equipment. Pool hazards can include slippery pool sides, fires, shallow water and blind sports in the pool. There are customers at risk e.g. weak swimmers, elderly customers, customers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The staffs are meant to follow instructions on how to carry out risk assessments so that these hazards and risks can be reduced. In the manual there are methods of dealing with the public and which includes rules and regulations in which the public must abide by. Staff duties and responsibilities are also covered. The manual will contain details of what is to be expected from them e.g. they should wear the uniform provided, lifeguards must always carry a whistle, and they must never leave a pool area unattended. There are usually details of staff training requirements too e.g. a lifeguard will usually be required to attend training sessions at least once a month so that their skills are up to date and have been practised recently. They should also have monthly training sessions to check if they’re fitness abilities is still up to standard for example if the person has become unfit or have gained weight.
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