Safety Equipment: Concussions In College Football

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Concussions: Safety Equipment Chris Ghaffarian Date: 25 July 2012 Professor Suzanne Wambold, Ph.D.,RN Table of Contents Abstract iii Key Words iii Background and Significance 1 Purpose 1 Concussions 1 Figure 1: Science behind concussions 2 Figure 2: Concussed Brain 3 Safety Equipment 3 The Concepts behind Helmets 3 Figure 3: Football Helmet 4 The Concept behind Mouth-guards 4 Graph 1: Headform Mouth-guard 5 Football (NFL) 5 Concussion Statistics 6 Graph 2: Concussions in the NFL 6 Rugby 7 Figure 4: Rugby Equipment 7 Figure 5: Typical Rugby Scenario 8 Concussion Statistics 8 Figure 6: Rugby Injury 9 Soccer 9 Figure 7: Concussions in Soccer 10 Concussion Statistics 10 Hockey 11 Figure…show more content…
One of these reports has found that more than 60 percent of college level soccer players have reported concussion symptoms during a single season (AANS, 2011). The other report states that more than 46 percent of college soccer players had experienced a concussion during the season (Delaney, 2001). Both reports attribute most of the concussions, approximately 40 percent, to head-to-player contact (AANS, 2011). A third study spent two seasons following the men's and women's teams within the Atlantic Coast Conference and attributed about 48 percent of the concussions to head-to-player collisions (Boden, 1998). This study also stated that 24 percent of the concussions were due to head-to-ball collisions and 10 percent were due to heads colliding with the ground (Boden, 1998). The majority of the concussions in the Boden case study, 72 percent, were classified as grade one concussions (Boden, 1998). There were no grade 3 concussions during this study, indicating that soccer players were a high risk category for concussions but low risk in regards to severity of the individual concussion. This means an increase the likelihood of long-term complications due to multiple concussions, because many grade one concussions are not diagnosed correctly if at all (Boden, 1998).…show more content…
This study needs to involve multiple sports, because even the sports that are considered low contact such as soccer have a proportionally high number of concussions when researchers are actively evaluating the players. This study also needs to be done on a large scale to ensure accurate numbers and not a peculiarity of a particular style of play. The study needs to be performed by a single team or a set of teams working in conjunction with standardized criteria for defining and collecting data about concussions. The criteria needs to be uniform so that there can be a true evaluation on the effectiveness of protective equipment and specifically helmets. These studies need to be performed so athletes have a complete understanding of what they are signing up for, what exactly the inherent risks they are taking are, and to know that the leagues will provide for the rules and equipment that will protect the players' safety. The NFL is currently in litigation for this very

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