Safety, Equipment, and the Scientific Method Essay

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CHM138 Lab 1 SAFETY, EQUIPMENT, AND THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD Name: __________________________ 1. A student enters their laboratory setting and is getting ready to set up. What preparations should be made? (16 pts.) Store personal belongings away from work areas. Tie back hair, remove jewelry, remove contact lenses. Sanitize work station. 2. A student spills chemicals on his or her skin. Explain the procedure that should be followed. (16 points) Rinse the spill on the skin immediately with continuously running water and soap. In the laboratory, notify your instructor of the situation. 3. List three things than one can do to protect oneself from contamination/injury in the laboratory.? (24 pts.) Keep objects from the work area away from the mouth. Wear glasses or goggles when working with dangerous chemicals. Know the location of all exits and always keep them clear of obstacles that could hinder emergency response. 4. Describe the equipment and explain the function of each of the following: (24 points) a. graduated cylinder Tall, slender container used to accurately measure the volume of liquids in milliliters. b. beaker Round container with a pouring indentation that is used for holding various kinds of liquids. c. pipette Narrow, straw-like container used to deliver fluids drop- by-drop or to measure precise volume. 5. List and describe the steps of the scientific method. (20 points) Observation: By experiencing something in the environment an interest is generated which becomes the basis for the experiment. Hypothesis: A hypothesis is a generalization the of expected outcome. Experiment: Using controls and monitoring variables, the hypothesis is tested. Conclusion: This is acceptance or rejection of the hypothesis. 6. Describe the hottest part of the flame. (10 points) Directly

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