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Safety inspections are fundamental in as much as the workplace environment is concerned. Safety inspections include weekly supervisor inspections, supervisor and management daily walk-through, monthly safety committee inspection, hygiene, surveys and equipment inspections to name just but a few. These inspections play a pivotal role as they ensure the safe environment for both the management as well as the shop-floor workers is maintained. In addition, it is because of these inspections why many organizations are enjoying a conducive working environment. However, apart from the merits which come along with using the safety inspections, there are also demerits which one will look into as the paper progresses. The thrust of the paper lies on exploring the importance of the safety inspections in maintaining a safe working environment. Supervisor and management daily walk-through is an undocumented inspection that is made daily prior to start up and shift change to ensure the facility and equipment are in safe conditions for employees and clients. Cox et al (1996) postulates that all noted unsafe areas should be attended to immediately, prior to employees working and clients living in the area. In the event that the area cannot immediately be made safe for employees and clients, a notice shall be given to the affected employees and clients. Work orders to correct the situations will be issued immediately. So this daily walk is critical as it helps to prevent injuries within the area of work. Another factor is that it ensures that employees are at the right place at the right time such that when uncertainties occur which include theft and fire, those in charge will chip in to attend to the predicament. This is usually prominent in the security department were there are night shift changes. In addition, weekly supervisor inspections are also conducted and recorded.

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