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Outcome 1 1. Two current legislations that relate to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people are these (among many); Children Act 2004 and Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013. A procedure is a way of effecting something – so in this case, doing something to safeguard children; two procedures are those such as, not letting young children to go on the internet if they’ve got a mobile phone and not allowing a member of staff to use their mobile phones anywhere on the premises. A policy, that probably groups a lot of the others together, is confidentiality. 2. Agency name | Role of agency | 1. Shropshire Safeguarding Children’s Board (SSCB) | A representative group of agencies involved in Safeguarding Children and Child Protection | 2. Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013 | This agency covers the legislative requirements and expectations on individual services to safeguard and promote the welfare of children | 3. Social services | This agency aims to create more effective organisations, making communities stronger, and promote equality and opportunity. | 4. Data Protection Act 1998 | An act for the regulation of the processing of information relating to individuals, which includes the holding, obtaining, use and disclosure of that information. | Outcome 2 1. Common childhood illnesses | Signs and symptoms | Actions to take | 1. Measles | Incubation period: 7-14 days. Raised temperature, sore eyes, Koplik’s spots in mouth, red blotchy rash which rapidly spreads over the entire body | See doctors; eyes and ears may need special attention as complications include sensitivity to light, and ear infections. Children can be immunised against measles. Apply calamine lotion to ease the itching. The child should be given plenty of fluids and lots of rest. | 2. Chicken Pox | Incubation period: 14-16

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